I am pleased to provide this letter of reference for Copper River Funding and yourself. We, Laurus, have utilized Copper River Funding for two of our funding requirements in the past two years. Myself, Ashley Elkins, CFO, and Terry Hess, President, have been extremely happy with the professionalism, timeliness and relative ease in the process from the application process, documentation required and closing of our loans with the past two transactions. You and your associates have exhibited professionalism and understanding throughout the entire process.

The three of us have agreed that should the need arise in the future for funding we would not hesitate to contact you for any of our funding needs and believe we will receive a fair and timely response from you and your associates.

Please do not hesitate to utilize any of us as a reference and if needed someone may contact us directly. It is my, and our, pleasure to have a business relationship with you and Copper River Funding.

Walter Hess, Chairman/Principal

When an opportunity presented itself to quickly buy out my business partner, I had to act fast. Convention lending was not an option because of the time constraints I was working against. Copper River Funding was able to thoroughly and very professionally analyze my financials and offer a short term solution that enabled me to buy out my partner and provide me with either the necessary time to secure long term financing or to just pay off thenote, depending on my future business operations.

During the entire transactions, I felt safe that my business and the investor had to be very secure, both working together to minimize risk. I feel very comfortable with the terms, financing and the entire transaction. I look forward to the day when I will also be an investor as I have never seen so much care and thought go into a transaction. I highly recommend Copper River Funding as a very safe alternative to predatory lending and riskyinvesting.

Doug Avdellas, President

Hi my name is Jim. I would like to share a few words about how the crf team helped me. I could not get a loan through traditional terms and lenders due to a recent divorce and credit hiccups. The crf team was able to assess my property value and make the decision to provide me with the loan I needed to finish my renovations.

I recommend the CRF team to anyone interested

Jim W. Tennessee

Hello Guys, I cannot begin to tell all how grateful and thankful I am to all of you for saving me from the bank who maliciously wanted to take my five commercial investment properties, that God gave to me and my family. You are my Angels sent from Heaven above. I want you to know if you ever want to launch a commercial ad please feel free to use me as a testimony! I will be more than happy to do so, and I will be a walking billboard for your business. You will always prosper in whatever you do, and to your investors who helped to make this possible give them my blessings. I could go on and on, but most of all I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU.

Valrie K-Q Atlanta, GA

Copper River Funding provided a financial solution at a critical juncture in the expansion of our business and was instrumental in helping us to reach our goal

Trisha F. Sacramento, CA

I would like to recommend Copper River Funding to other friends and property owners because of the following three reasons.

  • You took time to listen to my visions and analyzed the property prior to funding the loan.
  • The two loans that you made within the 30 months period took very little time and restrictions were reasonable.
  • Your company and you personally surpassed all my expectations.

For authenticating this email, I will be available

Jesse Wright C.E.O.

We were at a difficult "cross roads" with our business, but we had tremendous opportunity for growth. Unfortunately, I was faced with the very real prospect of having to close our business for good…but then I received a phone call that changed everything. We are very grateful to God and Copper River Funding for helping our business in our financial needs. Our business found itself in financial stress after a few events that impacted us in a negative way, and after one of our main suppliers opted not to sell their products to our company. We tried to find alternatives to find similar products, but were unsuccessful. We were in serious trouble financially. We decided to develop our own brand of products but we realized that our capital was very low and had no money to develop our new brands and continue buying other products as well. We went to five banks which they all denied us the credit. We thank God for using Cooper River Funding, who saw the potential in our products and the company, and they allowed me to leverage the investment properties that I have equity in to greatly assist with our capital needs. When no one believed in us, they were there to help us and not only financially but all the time that Mr. Bill (Truly servant of God) spent giving us advice about how to improve our business This was a huge blessing. Now our business is strengthening and growing. Thanks Brian and Mike and all your staff. Joel 2:23 RVR1960

Saul and Adriana S. Winston-Salem, NC

I was interested in placing some of my capital to work (and at a much better rate than any cd), and Copper River Funding seemed to be the wisest option for me when reviewing various higher yield investments. I'm enjoying a 13% rate on a project that pays directly into my bank account each month. The borrowers payments have been made timely each month, and the note that I participated in happens to be a property that is local to me. I'm very satisfied with my investment through Copper River Funding, and I'm looking forward to future participation. Thanks CRF!

Jim T. Atlanta, GA

We were referred to CRF by our CPA. Copper River Funding brings together quality investment opportunities and investors who are seeking low volatility and risk and high return. Borrowers are always creditworthy and experienced in the area of their borrowing needs. We've been involved in numerous loans as an investor and are happy to recommend CRF as a broker.

Paul G. Brookfield, WI

I have been an active investor in Copper River Funding since October 2010. I have participated in the individual loan end of the company as well as the fund. I am currently fully invested in the fund and I am very pleased with my yearly return. In today's market where good returns with lower risks are hard to find, Copper River Funding has given me an investment opportunity with great performance. I appreciate the knowledge and confidence of Craig Gaudio. It's obvious he enjoys working in this industry; his willingness to communicate and work closely with his clients is greatly appreciated.

Kathleen B. Idaho Falls, ID

I was a little nervous never having done any private lending before. I wasn't sure how to go about it and who to trust. Craig Gaudio (Copper River Funding CEO) answered all of my questions and guided me through the whole process in a very professional way. This turned out to be the best investment I've ever made in such a short amount of time. Thanks so much Copper River!

Beth T Duarte, CA

"Who knows where to find a great fixed rate of return that is backed by an extremely safe margin of equity? Copper River Funding knows where to find it and they have the system for a diversity of it! I feel extremely fortunate to have been introduced to Copper River Funding in these tough times. In addition to being able to benefit from Copper River Funding's choice of projects, I have been delighted by their professionalism and attention to detail. It is a relief to benefit from a system where both lender and borrower are mutually happy, satisfied, and appreciative. Did I say satisfied? Not just satisfied; I want to invest in more deals! Thank you Copper River!"

Scott A. Idaho Falls, ID

CRF Lending Partner,

Craig Gaudio (Copper River Funding CEO) has created an investment vehicle that I believe will revolutionize the private lending market. Now I can diversify my lending portfolio, minimize my risk, and have professionals do the due diligence – with great results! The CRF staff answered all my questions and guided me through the lending process in a very professional manner. As a seasoned investor, I have never seen so much care and thought go into each transaction. I highly recommend Copper River Funding as a great choice and a safe alternative to other income investments.

Carey V. Azzara, Founder and Principal AtHeath, LLC and MRRC

I've been investing with opportunities presented to me by Copper River Funding for the past 4 years. It's been a great success for my seemingly never ending "search for yield," and my participation in these projects have been very valuable to my overall investments, and certainly have afforded me the benefit of diversification from my general stock and mutual fund investments. I would highly recommend Copper River Funding to other investors who's needs probably match my own.

Timm D.

My firm was legal counsel to the fund for the past several years. I immediately recognized that they had a great idea. After getting to know the management team and seeing their execution firsthand, I became comfortable with making my own investment. Since then, I continue to increase my investment and introduce friends and family take advantage of the same opportunity I recognized years ago. In today's low interest environment, I couldn't find an investment vehicle with better returns and a similar risk profile. Most importantly, I have a deep respect for and trust in the team.

Mark A. Santa Monica, CA

I cannot say anything about the performance of Mr. Tim Stamps, Copper River Funding, that would do justice to the quality of support that he gave our transaction. He was tough, diligent and compassionate all in the same deal. When our clients (seller and buyer) thought all was lost due to title issues and financing, Tim's company motto/slogan came to life --"Real People, Defined Platform, Proven Impact". Tim listened to his heart and reviewed the income potential of the property and became the Seller's and the Buyer's Champion by going above and beyond as he fought for fairness; traced the loan documentation failure back to its original source and held all responsible parties accountable for their negligence.

Most would simply not have taken the ownership to conquer the obstacles faced in the transaction. Tim forced all parties to fix an error in a couple of weeks that by all means should have taken over a year to fix. He demonstrated diligence, perseverance and unyielding determination. Tim saved the day. Great job Tim Stamps.

Carmen Bogard, Lic. Real Estate Broker

I have had an opportunity to work Craig Gaudio, Tim Stamps and Michael Peart at Copper River Funding, LLC for a number of years as legal counsel and as an investor. During that time I have observed their commitment to professionalism and consistent underwriting for quality Commercial projects and borrowers. Copper River has been providing a great return for investors, myself included, and I am happy to recommend their business to others.

Eric H. The Woodlands, TX