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Copper River Funding- Corporate Principles

Copper River Funding helps successful people achieve their investment goals by creating opportunities to participate in private commercial bridge lending secured by real estate collateral. CRF aims to manage and control risk through its stringent lending criteria, rigorous evaluation, diligent closing process and ongoing monitoring. We provide a "turnkey" solution to ensure that our clients experience the convenience, communication, professionalism and efficiency that build confidence and peace of mind.

The Copper River Funding lending program for successful investors is guided by four core principles:

  1. Choice & Control. In today's investing environment, it is more important than ever for individuals to have multiple options and complete control of their finances. CRF clients are presented with a diverse set of projects that offer you the opportunity to lend your capital based on your preferences for location, collateral, term, and yield. You will have access to a comprehensive package of due diligence materials for review prior to closing. Our clients maintain control of their capital at all times. A reputable title company or closing attorney administers loan closings, and a nationally licensed; third party loan-servicing agent services the loans, receives interest payments from the borrower and promptly distributes your portion directly to your bank account. CRF does not touch your funds.
  2. Community & Diversification. A robust network of CRF clients and our innovative loan structure allows for a limited number of investors to participate in a single project. Clients can determine their level of participation in each loan, and deploy their capital in multiple loans to create a diversified portfolio. As a co-lender on a particular project, you will "own" your proportional share of the income stream as well as a first trust deed or mortgage that protects your collateral. Through combining your resources with other successful investors, you are able to participate in lending opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible.
  3. Active Risk Management. Copper River Funding maintains stringent lending guidelines, conducts rigorous due diligence on every project and seeks to structure the loan to provide strong protection for the lenders. In each lending opportunity, CRF makes all due diligence available to each CRF client for complete review prior to closing. These will include such items as appraisal, title report, borrower credit, borrower background check, business and personal financials, current rent rolls, photographs and leases etc.
  4. Attractive Returns. Our clients have concluded that the typical higher yields earned on CRF-administered loans provide more than adequate compensation for the inherent risks and illiquidity incurred in private commercial bridge lending. It is important to note that CRF loans require borrowers to make monthly interest payments, with the loan principal paid at maturity. When the loan matures, CRF's robust pipeline enables clients to redeploy capital with minimal delay in order to maintain high returns.

What is a commercial bridge loan?
A commercial bridge loan is a short-term loan used as interim or "gap" financing until a company secures permanent conventional financing or removes an obligation.
Why do investors find commercial private lending attractive?

Higher yield, quality assets and lower duration risk are some of chief benefits of commercial private lending. Institutional demand for the loan asset class remains strong due to its five main characteristics: seniority in the capital structure, security with collateral backing, floating-rate coupon, short duration, and low correlation to other asset classes. The loan asset class is attractive relative to other fixed-income options, in terms of price and valuation, and it has proven itself through multiple credit cycles.

Why might borrowers need a commercial bridge loan?
Borrowers often seek bridge financing for commercial real estate purchases to quickly close on a property, or more often to take advantage of a short-term opportunity (discounted payoff, partner buyout, rehab or tenant improvement for lease up) while working to secure long-term financing. Bridge loans garner higher interest rates than conventional financing due to the speed, flexibility and service required by the borrower to meet their needs and time frame. Bridge loans secured by a first lien position of a commercial property are paid back when the property is sold, refinanced with a traditional lender, or the property is improved, rents are stabilized or there is a specific improvement or change that allows a permanent or subsequent round of commercial mortgage financing to occur.
What are the common characteristics and investor benefits of a Copper River bridge loan?
CharacteristicsInvestor Benefits
• Term:6-24 monthsMinimal time exposure to potentially changing market conditions, primarily financial health of the borrower and value of loan collateral
• Interest Rate:11-14% APRHigh yields
• Lien Position:first (senior) lienPriority positioning
• Collateral Type:commercial real estate/equipment or combination Tangible, marketable assets
• Loan-To-Value:65% (35% verifiable equity as margin of safety)Ample equity protection
• Guarantees:business & personalAdditional security/full recourse
• Interest Payments:monthlyConsistent cash flow
Is commercial real estate bridge lending inherently risky?
All alternative investment strategies entail risk. However, CRF has developed a defined platform to manage risk in this asset class through shrewd lending guidelines, rigorous loan evaluation, underwriting processes and diligent monitoring. Many investors conclude that the generous return opportunities available through prudent private lending are commensurate with the associated risks.
How does Copper River Funding actively manage risk?
Copper River Funding has developed lending guidelines that are employed rigorously on ALL transactions or potential projects. The primary source for repayment of CRF-underwritten loans is normally a conventional or bank refinance. Therefore, underwriting for a CRF bridge loan needs to be in line with bank underwriting standards and include criteria other than property valuations. Copper River Funding employs the following key guidelines on each transaction:
Basic GuidelinesMitigates Risk
Max Loan-To-Value:65%Each property has a minimum 35% verified equity as a margin of safety.
Max Loan Term:24 monthsMinimizes the time invested capital is exposed to potentially changing market conditions, primarily the financial health of the borrowing entity and the value of loan collateral
Lien Position:First lien only, no 2nd liensFirst lien has to be guaranteed through appropriate title insurance and accompanying title commitment with a national title underwriter
Interest Rate:11%-15%Ensures adequate investor compensation
Interest Payment:MonthlyProvides consistent cash flow to investors
Collateral Insurance:Adequate hazard insurance with CRF investors as loss-payeeProvides investor coverage in the event of catastrophic weather, fire or flood, vandalism etc.
Loan Servicing:CRF employs nationally licensed third party loan servicer to collect borrower payments and disburse promptly and directly to investorbank accounts.CRF never handles investor funds.